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New Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid 2020 Review Interior Exterior

Published on 26 Jun 2020 / In Sports

New Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid 2020 Review Interior Exterior.

Behind the steering wheel of the Swift Sport you experience pure enthusiasm and enjoy maximum driving pleasure on every route. This sporty compact car fulfills your every wish. Get in and experience the driving dynamics or simply enjoy the comfort. The sporty driving behavior and the high-revving turbo engine give you the clear signal that the Swift Sport has even more to offer. He asks you to drive with pleasure and joy instead of just moving from A to B.

The sporty aesthetics and performance of the Swift Sport underline an exclusive radiator grille and bumper, an aerodynamic front spoiler lip, side skirts, rear diffuser in carbon look and a roof spoiler. Polished 17-inch alloy wheels and two tailpipes complete the sporty look.

The sporty interior awakens an unconditional passion for driving with emotional red accents. The new Swift Sport is equipped with exclusive sports seats. Its interior awakens the anticipation of pure driving pleasure as soon as you get in.

The new Suzuki leather collection - take the opportunity to design the interior according to your wishes.

Choose the one that suits you from 14 different configurations - be it a classic plain color, an elegant 2-color model or the absolute sportiness in the form of a perforated seat variant.

For Suzuki, customer satisfaction comes first. It therefore goes without saying that only high-quality materials are used.

With the new Suzuki leather collection you give your vehicle even more emotions, character and uniqueness.

Your Suzuki dealer will be happy to make you an offer tailored to your needs.

The new Suzuki Swift Sport combines progress in performance and driving experience with central safety features, including an advanced cruise control with active cruise control (ACC), the emergency braking system with collision warning, a high-beam assistant and radar-based brake support (RBS).

While driving, the new Swift Sport uses two sensors, a monocular camera and a laser sensor, to determine whether there is a risk of a collision with a vehicle in front or pedestrians.

From a driving speed of 40 km / h, the high-beam assistant automatically switches between high-beam and driving light, depending on the presence of other vehicles and the lighting situation (standard on vehicles with DSBS).

This means electrification is essential in keeping the Swift road-legal, and Suzuki has done a marvelous job with the hybrid model. It still has a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline motor, but Suzuki threw in a 48-volt integrated starter-generator and a small lithium-ion battery pack for good measure.

But despite this, the Swift Sport Hybrid is producing 10 fewer horsepower than a regular Swift Sport, topping out a measly 127-horsepower. This also means the hybrid is a bit slower to 60 mph at 9.1-seconds, but that’s fine.

Since the dinky electric motor and compact battery pack only added 33 lb. to the Swift’s rather lean 2,260 lb. curb weight, the hybrid remains a lightweight in the hot hatch segment. Also, the electrified components are all fitted under the front seats for better weight distribution. What this means is agile handling despite carrying lightly more weight.

And now, the good news. Sure, the Swift Sport Hybrid is not exactly a barnstormer, but the mild-hybrid powertrain allows it to achieve 50 mpg with lower CO2 emissions. According to Suzuki, the Swift Sport Hybrid emits 127 g/km of CO2, down from 135 g/km from a conventional Swift. And since the hybrid motor kicks in to support the engine below 2,000 rpm, it also produces 173 lb-ft of torque at lower engine speeds.

The hybrid system is a crafty one, too. Besides providing a power boost when the turbocharger is at rest, it also starts the engine during start/stop driving. It even allows the car to coast using all-electric power on those long highway drives. The system harvests energy from braking and decelerating to top up the battery as you drive.

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