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Taming Wild Elephants by Hand - Sri Lanka

Published on 26 Jun 2020 / In Entertainment

Location - Kebiliththa , Katharagama, Sri Lanka
Appearance by - Dineka Silva (https://www.facebook.com/profi....le.php?id=1000044647
Video posted to Facebook by - Rajitha Lakmal (https://www.facebook.com/rajitha.lakmal.923)

These two clips were found while I was surfing the Facebook and those have been posted to the Facebook by an account named as Rajitha Lakmal. It's really amazing how that person tame those wild Elephants and it's kind of a dangerous stuff.

You can contact Dineka Silva on 0779866298 (+94779866298) & Rajitha Lakmal on 0772497555 (+94772497555)

Thanks & enjoy the video!

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